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What is League or Team Bowling?

A League is a friendly competition between a number of teams held at the same time each week. 

It's so convenient! 
Your lanes are always ready and waiting for you. There is no need to phone and book lanes, and there’s no waiting for your lanes. 

You can meet new friends. You can form your own team, or we can place you in one. There’s a lot more to bowling than just playing once in a while. Bowling is a social way to play sport.

Exciting competition. To keep the competition fun and exciting, each team member is given a handicap according to their ability. 
This handicap system gives everyone a fair chance of winning games, even the newest of bowlers.

Format. Leagues generally play three games, though we do offer some two game Leagues. We cater for Seniors, Juniors and Adults. 
Leagues are available during the day or night. 

End of season party: At the end of your league season there will be a league presentation. Each player may receive a trophy or money or a gift depending on the set up of your league. 
Can anyone play? I don't know if I have the ability...
Anyone can play this sport... and have fun!
Very young children can use special lane "bumpers" which help keep the ball out of the "gutters" and allows your child to enjoy the game while they learn new skills.
The not so young and even the disabled regularly play in all levels of competition.
You'll meet great new friends, learn team work and enjoy some friendly competition - all in one convenient all weather location. 
We even provide all the equipment you need to play. It's so easy!
Just ask us. We love to have beginners start with us, so we are happy to assist you with times to suit and the type of League to suit your interest.

What are the benefits? 
1. Priceless Benefits
Friendships, camaraderie, learning new skills, improving old skills, fun and competition, relaxation and fitness are things money just won't buy.
And, you receive all these hidden benefits when you join a Team. 
All good reason that some of our leagues have been running for over 30 years!!! 
You can't put a price on the support many team members have shown for each other over time. From after-game get-togethers to fundraising for the disadvantaged, priceless occasions shared by Bowling Team mates.

2. Financial Benefits. You receive special recognition as a valued long term customer. Playdrome Star Card Program, Free Game Coupons - we value your business!

> Special Bowling Packages: 
'Have a Ball' Leagues where everyone who completes the season receives a new Bowling Ball.

Current United States Bowling Congress benefits include:

*Adult and Youth Membership magazine 
*USBC league bowling - providing a certified average for each bowler 
*Consistent game play 
*Bonding Protection -- Your prize money is protected in all sanctioned leagues. 
*National Championship Tournament entry eligibility 
*Individual Awards 
*League Awards 
*National Championship Tournament Awards 
*State and Local Tournament entry eligibility 
*Testing and approval of Bowling Pins, Balls and Products 
*Local Association Assistance 
*Access to established Playing Rules of the game
*Rules Enforcement 

Types of bowling leagues 
Fortunately for us bowlers, there are different leagues to choose from if considering joining a bowling league. Depending on whether you're looking for a nice leisure day at the lanes with friends or family, or if you're in it too win, there is a league for all of us. 
Here are some leagues that most bowling centers, if not all of them, will have available throughout the year. For the younger age groups they have youth leagues. For the senior age groups they have senior leagues. They also offer men's leagues, women's leagues, mixed leagues, and scratch leagues. 
Some leagues can be highly competitive with large prize funds being payed at the end of each night. Some funds are payed at the end of the season. Prize funds are funded from the collection of bowler's fees, and sometimes donations. Scratch leagues are known for competition, and are more for the competitive type of bowler. The reason for this is that they don't award bonus pins nor do they have a handicap system, to equalize the level of competition. Other leagues can be much less competitive, more sociable, and less expensive. These leagues, on the other hand, don't have a pay out at the end of each night or season. 
No matter what type of league you decide to join you'll have to find something to fit your preferences and your time schedule. There are leagues for summer, spring, winter and fall, with winter probably being the busiest because of the weather (depending on where you live). Some leagues bowl weekly--others bowl bi-weekly, day or night. This will depend on the bowling center you choose. 

League Fees 
League fees are generally used for prize funds, trophies, plaques, mugs, and anything else to award to 1st place teams. They are also used to fund parties at the end of the year with catered food, open bars, and prizes. As far as numbers go, you can expect to pay any where from $3.00 a game to $4.00 a game. Most leagues bowl three games a night. Don't forget your shoes--that's another $2-$4 dollars if you don't own your own. The average league and venue will cost about $12.00 for one night session, with the league meeting once a week. 
Remember this figure does not include a Prize Fund portion if your league has one.

Benefits to Joining a Bowling League 
There are indeed quite a few benefits to joining a bowling league and one of them is the endless fun. It's a great way to get the family together or some old friends who enjoy having just as good of time as you do. Or it's a great way to escape from your everyday norm and loosen up before you go back to work. You will also meet a lot of new people and make new friends along the way and that's always something to look forward to each and every week. 

Finding a Bowling League 
In finding a bowling league you really need to find one to fit your competitive preferences and, most of all, fit your time schedule. Call around to your local bowling centers or just pop in for a visit and ask them about the types of leagues they have available. Also ask about the times, the days, and the costs for each of them. Then compare them to other bowling centers and choose the one that best suits your needs. You might have to call in advance (rosters fill up quick and there is someone just like you looking to do the same). Good luck and happy bowling!