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2018/2019 Fall Season
New Product Introductions
900 Global Continuum - (Release Date 07/17/18)
900 Global Eon - (Release Date 07/17/18)
900 Global After Dark Solid - (Release Date 07/17/18)
900 Global After Dark Pearl - (Release Date 07/17/18)
900 Global Tactical Ops - (Release Date 07/17/18)​
900 Global Respect - (Release Date 11/13/18)
900 Global Honey Badger Claw - (Release Date 11/13/18)
900 Global White Hot Badger - (Release Date 01/08/19)
900 Global Eon Infinite - (Release Date 01/08/19)
900 Global Space Time Continuum - (Release Date 01/08/19)

AMF - Sumo SE (Release Date 07/17/18)

​Brunswick Rhino - Cobalt/Aqua/Teal (Release Date 04/17/18)
Brunswick TZone - Ocean Reef (Release Date 04/17/18)
Brunswick TZone - Ultraviolet Sunrise (Release Date 04/17/18)
Brunswick Twist - Sky Blue/Pink/Snow (Release Date 06/19/18)
Brunswick Twist - Blue/Silver (Release Date 06/19/18)
Brunswick Twist - Black/Gold/Silver (Release Date 06/19/18)
Brunswick Twist - Red/Purple (Release Date 06/19/18)
Brunswick Quantum Bias (Release Date 08/07/18)
Brunswick Method - (Releasae Date: 08/07/18)
Brunswick Cutting Edge HyBrid (Release Date 07/10)
Brunswick Cutting Edge Solid (Release Date 07/10)
Brunswick Tenacity Grit (Release Date 10/30/18)
Brunswick Fearless - (Release Date 10/30/18)
Brunswick Vintage Vapor Zone (Release Date 11/13/18)
Brunswick Kingpin Rule (Release Date 01/09/18)
Brunswick Cutting Edge Pearl (Release Date 01/09/18)
Brunswick Quantum Bias Pearl (Release Date 03/05/19)
Brunswick Method Solid (Release Date 03/05/19)

Columbia White Dot - Lava (Release Date 05/15/18)
Columbia White Dot - Cotton Candy (Release Date 05/15/18)
Columbia Scout - Red/White/Blue (Release Date 05/15/18)
Columbia Nitrous - Red/Gold (Release Date 05/15/18)
Columbia Nitrous - Black Cherry/ Yellow/Blue (Release Date 05/15/18)
Columbia Saber Pearl (Release Date 07/10/18)
Columbia Savage (Release Date 09/11/18)
Columbia Spoiler Alert (Release Date 11/14/18)
Columbia Chaos (Release Date (01/15/19)

DV8 Turmoil Solid (Release Date 05/15/18)
DV8 Turmoil Pearl (Release Date 05/15/18)
DV8 Hitman Enforcer (Release Date 07/10/18)
DV8 Creed Rebellion (Release Date 08/07/18)
DV8 Tactic Control (Release Date 07/10/18)
DV8 Pitbull Bark (Release Date 10/30/18)
DV8 Poison (Release Date 10/30/18)
DV8 Notorious (Release Date 02/05/19)
DV8 Prowler (Release Date 02/05/19)
DV8 Turmoil Hybrid (Release Date 02/05/19)

Ebonite Maxim - Seafoam (Release Date 05/15/18)
Ebonite Turbo/R - Purple/Red/Silver (Release Date 05/15/18)
Ebonite Destiny Solid - Blue/Black (Release Date 06/19/18)
Ebonite Destiny Pearl - Green/Orange/Smoke (Release Date 06/19/18)
Ebonite Choice (Release Date 07/10/18)
Ebonite Matrix Solid (Release Date 08/14/18)
Ebonite Destiny HyBrid - Green/Orange/Smoke (Release Date 10/16/19)
Ebonite Impact (Release Date 11/14/18)
Ebonite Choice Pearl (Release Date 01/15/19)

Hammer Widow Spare - Blue/Orange/Smoke (Release Date 05/15/18)
Hammer Scandal S - Blue/Blue Pearl/Red Pearl (Release Date 06/19/18)
Hammer Vibe Onyx (Release Date 06/19/18)
Hammer Black Widow Black/Gold (Release Date 08/14/18)
Hammer Diesel Torque (Release Date 08/14/18)
Hammer Rip'd Pearl (Release Date 10/16/18)
Hammer Web (Release Date 11/14/18)
​Hammer Web Tour (Release Date 11/14/18)
Hammer Flawless (Release Date 01/15/19)
Hammer Statement Solid (Release Date 02/12/19)
Hammer Statement Pearl (Release Date 02/12/19)

Motiv Freestyle - Red Pearl/Blue Pearl (Release Date 05/23/18)
Motiv Primal Rage LE (Limited Edition) (Release Date 06/13/18)
Motiv Midnight Sniper (Release Date 05/18/18)
Motiv Hydra (Release Date 07/11/18)
Motiv Rogue Blade (Release Date 08/22/18)
Motiv T10 Limited Edition (Release Date 11/14/18)
Motiv Villain Scorn (Release Date 11/14/18)
Motiv Forge (Release Date 01/15/19)
Motiv Golden Jackal (Release Date 02/13/19)

Radical Katana Dragon (Release Date 06/19/18)
Radical Beyond Ridiculous Pearl (Release Date 06/19/18)
Radical Ludicrous (Release Date 08/07/18)
Radical Conspiracy (Release Date 10/30/18)
Radical Sizzle (Release Date 10/30/18)
Radical Katana Legend (Release Date 01/09/19)
Radical Squatch (Release Date 01/09/19)
Radical Conspiracy Pearl (Release Date 03/05/19)
Radical Ludicrous Solid (Release Date 03/05/19)

Roto-Grip Halo (Release Date 08/10/18)
Roto-Grip Winner (Release Date 08/10/18)
Roto-Grip Winner Solid (Release Date 11/23/18)
Roto-Grip Idol Pearl (Release Date 11/23/18) 
Roto-Grip Halo Pearl (Release Date 03/08/19)

Storm Tropical Storm Violet/Charcoal (Release Date 06/15/18)
Storm tropical Storm Black/Copper (Release Date 06/15/18)
Storm Match Up Black Pearl (Release Date 06/15/18)
Storm Intense Fire (Release Date 06/15/18)
Storm Physix (Release Date 10/19/18)
Storm Hy-Road C (Release Date 10/19/18)
Storm Fever Pitch (Release Date 02/22/19)
Storm Super Sonic (Release Date 03/08/19)

Track Kenetic Amethyst (Release Date 07/10/18)
Track Precision (Release Date 08/14/18)
Track Tactix (Release Date 09/11/18)
Track Tundra Solid (Release Date 10/16/18)
Track Paradox V (Release Date 10/16/18)
Track Precision Solid (Release Date 01/15/19)

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